We are creative

There are no limits to your special creativity. At Scanpark Holding AG, everything is turned upside down and crazy ideas are developed deliberately. However, in order not to completely lose our grounding, ideas are always tested promptly – in other words, they are put to the test in reality
A good shot of creative energy can change a company. It is a sense of never-ending curiosity which drives fresh and extraordinary thinking and sets ideas in motion.
This means delivering solutions which are especially agile and comprehensive. It’s about exploring new areas and developing imaginative solutions to unique business challenges. After all, all the great achievements of humanity sprang from a creative spark, from the desire to do something differently. For this reason, we revere inventors such as Nikola Tesla and Tim Berners Lee, whose work has shaped the way we live today. That’s why we owe so much to scientists such as Richard Dawkins and Feng Zhang, as their creativity and foresight will determine our lives and that of our children.
At Scanpark Holding AG, creative energy is not reserved to us alone. It’s something which appears in daily business life. It should be taken seriously by CEOs, managers, and more. Because creative energy is not just a result. Creative energy is an attitude. And this attitude has shaped the business world for many years.
For us at Scanpark Holding AG, this attitude has always determined our working lives. We believe that it is our knowledge which forms the basis of our creative energy concept. We strive to constantly develop new solutions and extraordinary ideas on this basis, and to implement them together with our partners.

We are intuitive

Anchor changes sustainably
Why do the overwhelming majority of entrepreneurial change processes still fail despite good technical concepts? We don’t know the exact answer to this. What we do know is why our projects are developing successfully.
More than 90% of the failed change projects follow an approach which is technically correct. More than 90% of the successful entrepreneurial projects are also based on an approach which is technically correct.
So what is the difference?
For us, the answer lies in the harmonious combination of traditional personnel development methods, taking into account the mental and emotional processes of those involved.
Each time brings new unique concepts and the right mix of clear orientation of the participations involved.
Practical, sustainable – effective!
Feasibility is always in the foreground. It is not uncommon for us to finish what others have started.

We are determined

Scanpark Holding AG is determined to support the further development and financing of companies / participations in several stages. The first step primarily concerns tasks such as the preparation of market studies and feasibility studies. Challenges such as marketing, launch onto the market, expanding the range on offer, and tapping into markets follow in the next stages. The need for capital is increasing, which is why companies / participations usually finance the levels in different ways. Equity and a development loan are often sufficient at first, helped by private investors, and followed by financially strong major investors. Going public on the stock exchange is also an option, which is often the last step.

Through creative ideas, innovation and sheer determination